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J G Logs - Logmen is a family run business that is unique! We make bespoke and delightful garden ornaments.

We put pride into every aspect of our work and enjoy new projects, if there is any ideas you have in mind please don't hesitate to contact us.

About us


I have been a precision engineer for 30 years making turned​ parts for many projects such as the refurbishment of big ben!

I have turned gears for a probe to mars and also many other unique projects.

When I started making logmen and ornaments, they quickly became popular with customers asking for more, it has taken off over the last 10 years.

I have been making these to the same patented design and pride myself
on quality and service. It's always been a pleasure to meet my customers
and see there expressions when they receive any of my hand made items.


I look forward to the future of this business and I am always looking for ways to improve. Please feel free to contact me with ideas and feedback.

Enjoy our items.



Bespoke items


We are always looking for the next  project, we love a challenge so please share your ideas with us and we can assist you with your creation and give you a free quote.

We have been asked to make many bespoke items like the "Irish logman" above.

Feel free to contact us about any ideas!


We use 125 mm x 75 mm x 60 mm tanalised agricultural posts.

​These are sourced locally and are from sustainable forests. (scandinavian red wood Pine.)

The wood willl require preserving to prolong life. if left untreated the wood will tarnish and go grey after a couple of years but can easily be brought back to life with a good wood preserver

The perfect wood for perfect logmen.

12cm terracotta clay posts for there head and arms.

Removable washable mop hair.

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